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New York Post: It’s union power, not safety issues, that’s determining which US schools reopen this fall

By Corey DeAngelis and Christos Makridis:

It’s back-to-school season, but millions of students won’t be going back to the classroom. Teachers are fighting tooth and nail to prevent reopening public schools for in-person learning — in the name of safety. Yet our just-released study suggests that these reopening decisions have more to do with influence from teachers’ unions than safety concerns… read more

Corey DeAngelis is the Executive Director at Educational Freedom Institute, the Director of School Choice at Reason Foundation, and an Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute

Christos Makridis is a Research Professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business in Arizona State University, a Digital Fellow at the Initiative at the Digital Economy in the MIT Sloan School of Management, a Digital Fellow at the Digital Economy Lab in Stanford University, a Non-resident Fellow at the Institute for Religious Studies at Baylor University, a Senior Adviser at Gallup, a Non-resident Research Scientist at Datacamp, a Visiting Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and policy adviser.