Protecting and Promoting School Choice


Dr. Benjamin Scafidi and Dr. Eric Wearne of Kennesaw State University provide an important update to their state rankings for 2024.

Dr. Martha Bradley-Dorsey and David Dorsey, MA explore a small data set in this introductory report and conclude, “…given the basic rules for financing the construction of new facilities clearly give the upper hand to district schools.”

Edu-Think-Tank Scholarly Influence Rankings

Dr. Jay P. Greene (Heritage, EFI) creates a ranking system for the influence that education think tanks have on education scholarship.

School Choice & the Culture Wars

This study is a joint effort between EFI and The Heritage Foundation that explores data supporting the proposal that the school choice movement, as a whole, should “embrace the Culture War.”

Charter Ecosystem 2022

EFI’s newest report on charter school ecosystems in the United States. In this report, Dr. Scafidi and Dr. Wearne use outcome-based measures to rank states’ charter school ecosystems. This differs significantly from other organizations’ ranking schemes, which focus primarily on inputs.

Classroom Politics

Download the EFI / Heritage Foundation report that details research on the political beliefs of K-12 teachers relative to the general population. Dr. Jay P. Greene and James Paul explore teacher opinions and attitudes on diversity, equity, inclusion, Critical Race Theory, and other ideological positions.

Charter Ecosystem 2021

Download the EFI report that challenges the status quo by creating a new ranking system based on outcomes for students rather than arbitrary prescriptions for inputs.

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