Protecting and Promoting School Choice

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Parent Awakening in Wisconsin

by George Mitchell

Wisconsin once was ground zero in the school choice movement.  With the proliferation of programs across the country, that’s no longer the case.

A coalition of advocates wants to restore the Badger State’s prominent position.  Its goals include universal eligibility for the state’s school choice programs and elimination of the funding gap between traditional public, charter, and private schools.

The current push got its start last year when Common Sense Wisconsin (CSW) released an education agenda, one that has been embraced by prominent Republican candidates for governor in the November election.  CSW is a non-profit advocacy group founded by Bill McCoshen, who served as a top aide to former Governor Tommy Thompson.

School Choice Wisconsin, formed  2004 by education reformer Susan Mitchell, has helped organize allies to support educational choice for all families and fair, student-based funding and funded a survey by highly regarded polling firm OnMessage Inc.

This brochure highlights survey results and the Wisconsin agenda.