Protecting and Promoting School Choice

Types of School Choice

Learn More About the Variety of School Choice Options:

Open Enrollment Schools are:

  • Public schools
  • Funded by taxes
  • Operated by school districts
  • Open to any student regardless of where they live

Magnet Schools are:

  • Public schools
  • Funded by taxes
  • Typically selective admissions schools
  • Operated by school districts

A charter school is:

  • A public school
  • Funded by taxes
  • Encouraged to innovate
  • Subject to laws and regulations
  • Not funded if students don’t enroll

Education Savings Accounts allow families to take a portion of their children’s K-12 education funding to any approved education provider of their choosing including private school tuition and fees, tutoring, textbooks, curriculum, testing materials, online learning, microschools, special needs therapies, vocational education, and home-based education.

Education Savings Accounts are:

  • Funded privately, by taxes, or tax credits
  • Available only to students as specified in law
  • Used to purchase approved educational materials
  • Flexible enough to allow for individual customization

Tax Credit Scholarships are:

  • Funded with tax credits
  • Used to send students to tuition-based private schools
  • Typically administered by non-profit organizations

Education Vouchers are:

  • Funded by taxes
  • Used at any public or participating private school
  • Limited to specific students as outlined in law

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