Protecting and Promoting School Choice

Arizona School Choice Hypocrisy Map

Aaron Lieberman

(State Representative - D)

Rep. Lieberman attended an exclusive private school in Arizona and now sends his own children to a top charter school, but he opposes school choice measures.

Kathy Hoffman

(Superintendent of Public Instruction - D)

Kathy Hoffman attended an elite private school in Oregon, but actively opposes school choice programs for children in Arizona.

Kelli Butler

(State Representative - D)

Representative Butler sent her two sons to a private school in Arizona. Now, as an elected official, she sponsors legislation that would prevent low-income families from having the opportunity to choose a private school education for their kids.

Rebecca Rios

(State Senator - D)

Senator Rios sent her child to a private school and now she fights against giving that opportunity to low-income families in Arizona.

Jamescita Peshlakai

(State Senator - D)

Senator Peshlakai opposes private school choice because scholarships can be used in other states But she sends her own child to a private school in Colorado.

(State Representative - D)

Representative Epstein claims to be “public school proud” and fights against school choice programs for disadvantaged families like Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. But, she sent her own kids to private school.

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