Protecting and Promoting School Choice

Florida School Choice Hypocrisy Map

Debbie Wasserman_Schultz

(U.S. Representative - D)

Representative Wasserman-Schultz sent her own children to a private school, but consistently voted against expanding school choice  options for low-income families.

Tina Polsky

(State Representative - D)

Representative Polsky sends her own child to an expensive private school, but votes against legislation that would allow low-income students to have the same opportunity.

Bruce Antone

(State Representative - D)

Representative Antone votes against school choice legislation, but his own child attended an elite private school.

Michael Gottlieb

(State Representative - D)

State Representative – D

Representative Gottlieb sends his own child to an elite private school, but votes to block access to school choice options for low-income families.

Loranne Ausley

(State Representative - D)

Representative Ausley votes against private school choice measures, but sent her own child to a private school.

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