Protecting and Promoting School Choice

Nebraska School Choice Hypocrisy Map

Lynne Walz

(State Senator - D)

Senator Walz sent her children to a private school, but opposes programs that would allow low-income families to do the same.

Connie Duncan

(School Board - NP)

Ms. Duncan (Lincoln, NE) sent her own children to private schools, but fights against school choice for low-income families.

Carol Blood

(State Representative - D)

Steve Lathrop

(State Senator - D)

Senator Lathrop sent his kids to a private Catholic school, but opposes allowing low-income families the same opportunities.

Sally Nellson Barrett

(Exec. Dir. I Love Public Schools)

Nellson Barrett’s organization has made over 100 films extolling the virtues of Nebraska’s government schools. She chooses to send her own kids to private schools, however.

(State Senator - NP)

Mr. Cavanaugh attended private school himself, and sends his own children to private school. He votes against giving poor children that same privilege.

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