Protecting and Promoting School Choice

New Hampshire School Choice Hypocrisy Map

(State Representative - D)

Representative Myler has¬†consistently opposed¬†programs that would allow all families to choose where their children are educated. However, he sent his own child to a private school–an option these programs would give to less fortunate students.

(State Senator - D)

Senator Rosenwald voted against SB130 saying it’s motivated by greed rather than providing the underserved with a private school education, if they choose. Yet, she sent her children to an elite private school in Nashua, NH.

(State Representative - D)

Rep. Porter moved her son from a public school to a private school when he was “experiencing difficulties.” She is one of New Hampshire’s most outspoken opponents of school choice programs, including those intended for low-income children whose families can’t afford to pay for private school.

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